Tuesday, February 20, 2018

I Love Running, But...

What's not to love about running? If I scroll through my Instagram feed, I see pictures of runners with smiling faces talking about their happy runs and how they're rocking all kinds of personal bests. BUT, we all know that running isn't always a bed of roses. There are a lot of things that make running hard. Things that keep other people from actually doing it or sticking with it.

What do you like least about running?

Here are mine...the things that I like least about running are:

It's two-faced - One day running feels so awesome and it's my best friend. I laugh and smile and float along. The next day it sucks and stabs me in the back. The struggle is so hard that it almost hurts. I really wish it just felt easy every time I laced up my Mizunos (affiliate).

Pubic sidewalks - There are no running trails where I live, so I have to play dodge the clueless pedestrians. When did giving space become such a hard thing to do? It's even worse when the dog walkers come out and they think making me hurdle a leash is acceptable.

Personal safety - I do not like that there are times when going for a run scares me. Where I run now, I mostly worry about aggressive dogs/animals. Sadly in the US, I worry about being alone on a trail and being attacked which is why I wear my Wearsafe tag when I run.

HILLS - Hills are so hard and now they are doubly hard for me. I've never been a fan of running them except I knew that it would help me be a better runner. Now, my knee is not a fan of running down them. So the only good thing about hills has become the worst part.

You have to really love running to get past the challenges!

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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Weekly Wrap - Let the Exercising Begin!

What a difference a week makes!

After nearly two weeks of being down with the flu, I made my big workout comeback. I took it slow though ---> I didn't want to go crazy and over-do it only to feel bad again. So, I eased into the week, made modifications and picked the workouts that felt right for me at the time just like I said in my goals for 2018.

FAB AB FEBRUARY Challenge - I'm happy to report that I have stayed on track and completed the sit-ups, push-ups and plank each day for 18 days now. I've never been strong at full push-ups, but this challenge (and maybe my time at Bodypump) is really helping ---> I can do 15 good ones at this point!

Monday - WALKING

After needing a nap Sunday afternoon, I decided to skip a big AWA group hike and went to the Lunar New Year Flower Market with mrC instead. This extra day of rest was just what I needed to be ready for my big comeback the rest of the week.

Tuesday - RUN - 2.0 miles

I had a pretty yucky run on Saturday, so I was ready for a redemption run. I thought intervals might help so I set my timer for 4:1 run:walk. mrC joined me and we walked down the big hill (because my knee is not a fan of downhill running) to get to a flat part of our neighborhood and ran an easy loop that took us along much of the waterfront. I was feeling good about things until it was time to head up the big hill, haha. I struggled but it was a normal feeling struggle up the hill.

Wednesday - HIKE

I joined the AWA group hike on Dragon's Back ---> one of my favorite Hong Kong trails. I knew that I could manage this one even if my energy wasn't back to 100% (although I was feeling like it was). I was fasting for Ash Wednesday, but felt really good for the whole hike.

Thursday - RUN - 3.05 miles

After a successful run on Tuesday, I went for a bit longer on this one and mrC joined me again. I didn't know how far I was going to go when I set out, but since the 4:1 intervals were feeling so good, I ended up looping through the park to finish with 3 miles. Even the run up the hill felt better this time.

Friday - TENNIS

After running past the tennis courts I mentioned to mrC that I'd like to play again sometime, so he booked us a court on what turned out to be the best weather day of the week. We didn't play tennis (like actual games) we just like to hit the balls around and got a really good workout. It was fun!

Saturday - RUN - 2.30 miles & LEG DAY

I thought I might sign-up for GRIT class, but for some reason I felt like going with mrC to the fitness center instead. After walking there together, I ran 2.3 miles on the treadmill still using my 4:1 intervals. Then I did a leg workout using drop sets: leg presses, calf raises, goblet squats, single leg deadlifts.

Sunday - YOGA

I used a Yoga with Adriene video for some active recovery. My legs were feeling a little tight from leg day (although not as sore as I thought they might) and got a nice stretch from the practice.

BCAAs ---> Last week I mentioned that I was going to be trying this supplement for the first time. I first heard about BCAA when I was doing the Faster Way to Fat Loss carb cycling program and then at Bodypump but for some reason I put off trying it. The flu fatigue finally motivated me to order some. I used it prior to every workout this week. So far I can tell you that I like the taste (a lot) and it reminds me of when I used Cytomax on my long runs.

How many full push-ups can you do?
Tell me something good about your week!

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Weekly Wrap - Bouncing Back

Bouncing back from the flu has taken A LOT longer than I thought it would. I started feeling better at the beginning of the week but I struggled to find the energy to do much of anything.

So it was a week filled with lots and lots of rest days. I did get out for a walk every day and I continued to do my daily core challenge: I'm now up to 35 sit-ups, 10 push-ups and 35 second planks. But it wasn't until Saturday that I finally felt up to doing a real workout.

I was so excited to put on my running shoes and a pair of shorts (affiliate links) ---> the temperature is getting back into the mid-60s around here lately. Perfect running weather. My heart wanted to run two miles but my body was only feeling one. My head settled things and I called it quits after 1.66 miles and then I walked the big hill home for my cool down.

I was quickly reminded that a run can be awesome and terrible at the same time. As much as I wanted it to be perfect, my body is still recovering. To help with my energy I ordered some BCAA supplement to add to my routine. I'm hoping to feel improvement in my stamina initially and in the long run, maybe I'll see some improvements in fat loss and muscle recovery.

Do you take BCAA?

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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Weekly Wrap | The FLU and My January Miles

Last week I managed to get in one full workout before getting completely run over by the flu.

I took Monday off to run errands after being away all weekend, but made it to Bodypump on Tuesday. It was day 2 with my heavier weights and it was another tough workout. I had to really push at times and the shoulder track was seriously KILLER. I felt good about my effort when it was over though.

Since the rest of my workout week got put on major pause, I thought I would take a look at my January miles. I ended January with 17.76 miles. I'm really happy with that number since it is more than quadruple what I ran in January 2017, although I was really hoping to have one final run on Wednesday. I'm still happy that I ran nearly twice a week and that most of my runs were in the 5k range.

Besides my one strength class, I did manage to start my February core challenge. This challenge increases the intensity over time, so the first few days were light enough for me to do while I wasn't feeling great. Even though I was extremely lethargic, it felt good to move a little each morning (it's when I had the most energy) because I was missing my workouts.

Monday - REST

Tuesday - Bodypump

Wednesday - Run ---> REST

Thursday - Bodypump ---> REST and started FAB AB February

Friday - REST

Saturday - REST

Sunday - REST and a walk

Now that a new week is starting, I'm wondering...how soon do you return to workouts after being sick?

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