Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spring Break Training

April 28 - Today I completed my last longish run before the Cox Rhode Races Half Marathon next weekend in Providence, Rhode Island. I've been on Spring Break this week, and even though I didn't find myself flying off across the pond to Paris or Austria, or even taking a more local vacay to sunny Florida, I did have a good week of running.

After more time spent dwelling on my calf tightness issue, a trip to the doctor, and a wasted session with the PT, I am still in the dark as to what is going on. Despite the discomfort and sometimes tenderness, I managed to get in three solid runs. Tuesday I ran 6 miles with hubs. He rode his bike for 1.5, ran for 3, then back on the bike for 1.5. Thursday I ran 6 again with hubs on the bike body-guarding me the whole way. Today I ran 8 miles. I ran the first 4 by myself, but on my way past the house I grabbed the dog for the final 4 miles. He's still a pretty awesome running partner for a nine year old pup!

Now my focus turns to the week ahead and the plans for the weekend. My running this week will be easier as I continue to taper in preparation for 13.1 on Sunday. I'm looking forward to getting to Providence on Saturday afternoon, exploring the Health & Wellness Expo at the Rhode Island Convention Center, (hopefully) watching the start of the 5K at Roger Williams Park, and meeting the other Rhode Scholars for dinner. After a night at the host hotel, the Renaissance Providence Downtown, I'll be trying to connect with Samantha at the starting line for my 4th half marathon. After the race, I'll be going out to eat with my cheering section - hubs and my PC stepdaughter before depositing her back on campus.

What have you been Spring training for lately?

How did you spend your Spring Break?