Sunday, April 1, 2012

Running BFFs

April 1 - Today I want to tell you about some of my favorite running gear. Gear that has been helping me get ready for my next half marathon.

#1- I never run without my Nike GPS Sport Watch. GPS changed my running world. With the push of a button, I start my run and the satellites track my route. When I'm done, I can upload my data and view my route. It's that easy. And, I don't have to spend hours trying to map it myself.

#2 - I simply love my Simple Hydration Water Bottle. Fill it up, stick it in, and go. When I need a sip, all I have to do is reach back and grab it. It stays put no matter what type of bottoms I'm wearing and sometimes it feels like it isn't there at all. I love this bottle because it is completely hands-free. It is perfect for my half marathon training runs.

#3 - My favorite source of fuel at the moment is Sport Beans. I already love jelly beans and Sport Beans taste just like jelly beans to me. Before a long run I fill my pocket with beans making it easy to grab some when I'm running. They are super easy to chew and swallow, so I don't need water to eat them. There's nothing better than munching on something that tastes like candy.

#4 - I am falling in love with my new made-just-for-me orthotics (and maybe Mr. Chiropractor for recommending that I get them). These babies have helped alleviate my calf tightness and put an end to my knee-knocking. They are easy to insert and remove, so I can wear them in all of my running shoes! Maybe I can even get more running shoes? Hmmm...

What is your favorite (can't live without) running gear?

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  1. Huge fan of my Garmin 305 forerunner. I use it for running, biking and hiking. Makes it super easy to track my weekly hours and miles.

  2. Nike Pro sports bras and Balega hidden comfort socks. Those are my only two must haves on a run! I do love the Simple Hydration but only carry on long runs, but that is def my fav!

    1. I just started wearing Nike bras. I love when I can find them at TJ Maxx!

  3. I love the convenience of the GPS watch - my Garmin 405 is my bff. But I do hate it when she's irritable and freezes on me. I also need gum for every run!

    So happy the orthotics are working for you and congrats to Amanda!

    1. My Nike watch has been great, but the Nike website can be temperamental at times when I upload - it stinks. Love/Hate technology, right?

  4. I'm intrigued by the SH bottle. I run my longs w/a Nathan Quickdraw handheld, which I love (esp. the pocket for gels), but I'll need 2x that for the PVD marathon & am debating lugging a second bottle along.

    My must-have gear includes: the aforementioned Nathan bottle; Honey Stinger gels & a homemade chia-seed gel; RunKeeper on my iPhone; CES compression socks (post-run only; I haven't tried wearing them while running); and my basic New Balance reflective/day-glo vest.

    1. You won't have to lug the SH bottle. It tucks into your waistband and just sits there until you need it =)

      Can't believe only 33 more days...

  5. I do like my garmin now. Initially I didn't (and put in the cupboard for a year!) but now I realise the training benefit of having that data available.

    I have never tried those jelly beans but they look cool. Candy is always good :)

    1. If I didn't have the Nike GPS watch, I would have to look into the Garmin. Seems to be pretty popular!

  6. I also am a huge fan of the Nike+ GPS watch and it now has been reduced in price to $169!

    I also love the spi-belt to hold my monsterous droid phone so that I can take lots of pictures "on the run".

    1. I wish the watch had a built in camera - something very Mission Impossible! Why has no one invented that yet?

  7. Does the Nike watch track splits like the Garmin? I use Nike+ on my iPhone (music + GPS FTW) but wish it tracked splits.

    Otherwise, you hit all my favs on the head - though I've been liking the Honey Stinger waffles for fuel lately and swap those with the beans on long runs ... when I have them.

    1. The watch does show your splits. I use my iPhone with the GPS app when I know I'm going to want to take pictures.

      I haven't tried Honey Stingers yet...

  8. Hi! Just found your blog. I started using the Sport Beans for marathon training last summer and they are by far my favorite of the fueling options! I'm also a pretty big fan of nuun (along with plain ol' water!) for hydrating.

  9. Hmm...favourite running gear? Definitely my Pure Flow runners but also my Garmin. So much fun!

    My Running Shortz

  10. Is it lame that my most important running "gear" is my iphone/ipod?! I don't always have music going, but I HAVE to have it with me or my runs seem impossible!

  11. My favorite gear is my Garmin GPS (just got a new one!) - I hate running without it. I think it's the perfect thing for type A people (like me!) to get every data point you could ever want every run. :)

  12. That water bottle looks perfect! I often use a fuel belt, but wouldn't say I "love" it. Definitely love my Garmin watch. That's really all I need. :)

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