Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sunday Runday Favorite Moments

If more than a week goes by between runs, I start to get anxious. I shared my last run with mrC and dC at the Cape on Instagram. I love running with the kiddos, but hate when it's the last one for awhile.

Fast forward to today. Tropical Storm Roke threatened Hong Kong this morning. Every few minutes a new alert would ring through the apartment: high wind warning, tropical storm warning, ferry service suspended. I knew that if I was going to run, I had to do it before the bad weather actually arrived.

Here are my Sunday Runday Favorite Moments:

2 miles using a 4:1 interval. This is such a big improvement for me. Not that long ago I was running 20 second intervals. PS ---> my face was on fire (almost as bright as my tank) because it was so humid!

Morning runs in our little neighborhood. Although the clouds were moving in quickly, it didn't rain at all during the run. Lots of people were out running and biking. We even saw the mad dash of people trying to get off the island before the ferry service stopped.

Neighborly doggie greetings. This little guy lives in the apartment next to ours. We usually only hear him greeting his owner, but today he said hi to us.

Lacing up my Mizunos. It always feels good, especially after a longer than normal break. (available on Amazon)

My running partner had a good run today. We probably would have made it to the top of the hill without stopping if I hadn't called for a walk break. His Mizunos are pretty sweet too (shown here in red).

Post run breakfast. Gluten-free protein pancakes. I use Bob's Red Mill pancake mix and add in BRM protein powder. Easy peasy and oh so yummy!

Biofreeze! My right bicep is soooo sore that I had to try this. It isn't a miracle worker, but it definitely allowed me to straighten my arm without bursting into to tears! (great price on Amazon)

Today was a great way to end my quieter than normal week ---> quick recap:

Monday - Got in an airplane in the US...

Tuesday - Got out of an airplane in Hong Kong (we lose a day when we return)

Wednesday - took a walk

Thursday - took a walk

Friday - Bodypump!

Saturday - Active recovery yoga

Tomorrow I'm diving back into carb cycling eating and workouts 100% to make up for my two weeks at the Cape. I'll be sharing my results after that.

BTW - it barely rained today. The tropical storm fell apart as it got closer, so by 2:00 things were back to normal around here.

Today I'm linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

What hurts most? Active recovery day!

My Bodypump workout left me dealing with DOMS. As the hours passed, the delayed soreness increased.

First it was my back muscles. I had a brief meeting in the morning and I just couldn't get comfortable while sitting in the coffee shop because everything was feeling so tight.

Then my biceps. I did some grocery shopping after my meeting and every time I reached out to grab an item, my biceps screamed at me.

Oh, my legs! I'm pretty sure it would be easier to just stand up all day.

Does any of this sound familiar? Midday I broke out the foam roller and yoga mat.

I did ten passes on my hamstrings, hips, glutes, quads and back. Then I did a nice and easy yoga flow to stretch out. This definitely helped my legs and back, but my biceps (and triceps) are still screaming today.

I wear my Oofos all the time in our apartment and I'm sure this helps the recovery of my legs too. I was excited to find so many options (including the style I wear) available on Amazon.

We are currently under Tropical Cyclone warnings here in Hong Kong as Tropical Storm Roke approaches a little closer than originally thought.

Hopefully I can get out for a short run!

Tell me about your worst case of DOMS!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Strength Training at Bodypump

I'm battling a terrible case of jet lag since returning from our amazing Cape Cod summer vacay (recap here), but I finally took the plunge and signed up for a Bodystep class. Turns out I was the only one. Summer in Hong Kong means that every is doing what we just did ---> taking a holiday.

Instead of not taking a class at all, I accepted the offer to be put into the Bodypump class.

Admittedly, I was a little nervous about going to Bodypump because it has been awhile, but it was a nice fit for my carb cycling workouts. 

Regular calorie day - the workout 

Warm-up - It was a nice morning, so I walked to the HIT Room. I went in knowing that I was going to be sore after this workout, so I thought it was the perfect time to wear the new workout tank that the kids gave me. I couldn't find it on the website, but I found this one that is just as good.

Strength training - On the weekly workout plan (that I'm sort of jumping into), day 3 is legs, triceps, shoulders and day 4 is back, biceps, abs. Bodypump turned out to be a great option because we did all that and more. 

It was a tough workout for me. Not only because I haven't strength trained like this in months, but I also felt lightheaded toward the end of the class. I don't know what caused it: jet lag, dehydration, empty fuel tank (I did the class fasted), the heat? It was semi-scary. 

Cool down - mrC met me after class and we walked to the Siena Club pool. I let the pool water cool my body down for an hour before heading home.

Regular calorie day - the meals

broke fast around 12:30 - scrambled eggs with ham, pb&j apple cinnamon rice cakes  (we smuggled them in our carry-on from the US ;) and watermelon.

lunch - frozen berry protein smoothie and pb&j apple cinnamon rice cakes. PS - I'm currently reading The Husband's Secret on my Kindle app and it is soooo good. 

Dinner - took mrC out to dinner to MooFish for his yearly big day ---> fettuccini carbonara with chicken plus a couple of strawberry daiquiris :)

Happy birthday mrC! 

I highly recommend this racerback cami from JCrew Factory 

Are you taking a vacation this summer?
Ever get lightheaded during a workout?
Do you prefer going out or staying home for birthday dinner?

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Cape Cod Summer 2017: Carb Cycling and Vacation Highlights

As much as I wanted to finish my carb cycling program on a high note, it was just too much to keep up with while on vacation. I didn't stop the program all together ---> I did as many of the workouts as I could and I continued to extend my fast until nearly noon each day. What I didn't do was track my macros or post to the online group each day.

You may have noticed that I also had trouble blogging ;)

I'm not bummed out though. I feel like I did what I could and still enjoyed every moment with the girls for two weeks. Those two weeks were the absolute best. Our days were filled with fun and I savored every moment just being there with my family.

Here are the highlights:

We had a Sparkler Party on the beach to celebrate the 4th of July. We started with a traditional summer cookout at the house, complete with cheeseburgers, corn on the cob and baked beans. Then we walked to the beach sporting our festive tees from The Daily Tay. We didn't see a big fireworks display, but our party was over-the-top fun!

We took the fast ferry over to Nantucket for a day. After grabbing breakfast sandwiches at Fog Island Cafe, we went on a bike tour around town with Nantucket Bike Tours ---> highlights of the tour include Brant Point Lighthouse, Steps Beach, Lily Pond, Old Mill and riding through quaint neighborhoods (highly recommend doing this!). We grabbed a taco lunch at Easy Street Cantina (loved it!) and took our rented a jeep for a ride out to Sankaty Lighthouse and stopped by the Oldest House. Before leaving, we walked around town enjoying some ice cream from The Juice Bar, souvenir shopping and even spotting a celebrity from Long Island!

We hopped on the Shining Sea Bikeway in North Falmouth for an afternoon ride. Our 16 miles took us through salt marshes all the way to ocean views at Quissett Beach. My knee was a little cranky, so we turned around about 2 miles from the end of the trail in Woods Hole.

One afternoon in Woods Hole we walked the trail out to The Knob, strolled around town with ice cream from Jimmy's Sandwich and Ice Cream Place and stopped to see the Nobska Lighthouse up close.

We love Old Silver Beach and spend most of our mornings there soaking up the sun and our evenings taking in the sunsets. This year we celebrated our favorite place with a fun photo party in our favorite Cape Cod gear and brand new OSB tees. The girls made sure to include their brother, who was stuck in Colorado working, in the fun.

We had one major rainy day which I spent at the Cape Cod Mall picking up a new pair of fitness shoes. I think these will work perfectly for hiking and Bodystep. One cloudy afternoon we took the Cape Cod Railroad Coastal Excursion. It was an out and back narrated trip from Hyannis to Buzzard's Bay. Along the way we saw cranberry bogs and kettle hole ponds, great salt marsh, Cape Cod Canal, Sagamore Bridge, Bourne Bridge and an osprey nesting platform.

On our last night on the Cape, we took a sunset sail aboard the La Liberté out of Falmouth. Before the two-hour cruise aboard the schooner, we had one final dinner at Simply Devine Pizza Co. where you can get gluten-free pizza.

The Workouts - During the two weeks, I was able to fit in some carb cycling workouts such as sprints, HIIT circuits, bike rides for low intensity, and a few runs to the beach.

The Meals - Some days I followed the meal plan and some I didn't. I offer myself plenty of grace since it was our official vacation. It's hard to be back in the US and NOT indulge in some of our favorite things.

The great thing about carb cycling is that you can make it work for you, even if it's not always perfect. We didn't have access to a gym or even free weights, but we exercised every day. Instead of taking results measurements at the Cape, my plan is to repeat the final two weeks and then do a proper results post.

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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Low Carb-ing at the Cape

The final week of the Faster Way To Fat Loss carb cycling program kicked off just as we were also starting our family vacation at Cape Cod. Fortunately I have a very active family who likes to workout.

Week 6 Low Carb Days - the workouts

Speed Bursts - Our Cape house is about half a mile walk to the beach, so the parking lot looked like the perfect spot to do our interval sprints. The workout for both days was sprint at 100% effort for 20 seconds, recover for 40 seconds, repeat 20 times. On day 1, one of my step daughters and mrC joined me. We did half of the sprints before the lot opened to the public (we had the wrong time), so we finished them in front of  the house. On day 2, mrC and I went earlier and did all 20 sprints at the beach ---> and I missed the box jumps part of the workout again. 

HIIT - Back at the house, we did the second part of the low carb day workouts. Day 1 was a leg workout: squats, lunges, step-ups and scissor jumps (I did jumps squats instead). Day 2 was an ab circuit: Russian twists, bicycles, leg lifts.

Low Intensity Cool Down - bike rides ---> it's nice to take the bikes for a spin and not have to worry about giant hills.

Week 6 Low Days - the meals

Monday - broke fast around 12: scrambled eggs with ham, one PB&J rice cake, turkey and Swiss rollups with a salad for lunch and chicken and green beans for dinner.

Tuesday - broke fast around 11:30: scrambled eggs with ham and two PB&J rices cakes (I was low on calories the day before) and then it was 4th of July celebration time. Chips and salsa followed by a cookout with cheeseburgers, baked, beans, and corn on the cob.

After dinner we walked to the beach to continue the celebration with a fun little Sparkler Party. 

Did you workout and celebrate?